nutrition data – know what you eat

aici un site foarte foarte tare pentru toti cei care vor sa stie daca gutuile sunt actually bune de ceva sau ce vitamine contine inghetata:))

din newsletterul lor de saptamana asta, cateva chestii de bun simt:

  • Determine the correct portion size for everything I eat and start with a single portion on my plate.
  • Stop eating bread before meals in restaurants.
  • Walk for a minimum of 20 minutes, three times a week—with no excuses.
  • Do not DRINK any calories.
  • Plan my meals and keep a food diary.


2 Responses to “nutrition data – know what you eat”

  1. ana

    asta cu do not drink calories este trista. no smoothies, no wine, a saaaaad sad life :))

  2. powerpuffcookie

    un smoothie nu e un drink, e more like food si poate fi a fairly good breakfast:)

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