how you know there’s a party…

there are more shoes in the hallway


there’s drinking

p1090280-copy p1090279-copy

there’s food

p1090251 p1090286-copy p1090288-copy p1090257-copy1

you get to wear an outfit…


… and be queen for a day


you get lots of presents


and your morning after looks something like this:

p10903031 p10903041

p10903061 p1090311

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11 Responses to “how you know there’s a party…”

  1. mazilique

    i demand an after-party dupa ce parasesc fabrica 😀

  2. powerpuffcookie

    ahahaha deal! mirosul de bautura alone te face tipsy in no time, si cred ca mai avem si seminte:))

  3. ionouka

    heheee, looks like u had a great time&some great food around there!
    La multi ani!

  4. powerpuffcookie

    multumiiim:D that, we had:))

  5. mazilique

    and great friends also 😉

  6. acidtrix

    and i has missed it :-<

  7. powerpuffcookie

    ha, acid, there’s still some cleaning to do:))) come on over! also, u missed the big event acum un an too, what is it with you and our “cununie”, deloc nu va impacati:)

  8. Misaki

    Am de exclamat niste wow: unul cu privire la outfit si cadouri, altul cu privire la ce a ramas dupa :)) Eu sunt gen Monica, din Friends, la facut curatenie, cred ca le dam gata in viteza si cu oarecare placere bolnava :)) You are fun people!

  9. Zazuza

    o petrecere pe masura evenimentului sarbatorit, as zice… 🙂

  10. boo

    este totally unfair ca aceste petreceri sa fie in seri dinaintea zilelor de lucru ale unora. i demand reenactment! :))

  11. mazette, the quirky child

    eu sunt cu boo on this one!

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